10 Best Hunting Chair On The Market

Updated on: October 2023

Best Hunting Chair On The Market in 2023

Browning Camping Tracker + XT Seat, Realtree Edge

Browning Camping Tracker + XT Seat, Realtree Edge
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Browning Camping Kodiak Chair

Browning Camping Kodiak Chair
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame wrapped with 600D polyester fabric
  • Cool reinforced mesh center helps add extra breathability during those hot summer days
  • Insulated cooler pouch in Arm Rest allows you to keep your beverages and food cold during use
  • Use our Browning Kodiak chair for your next BBQ, Si event or camping trip; options are endless
  • Dimensions: 38" Wide x 20" Deep x 38" High, Weight: 13 lbs., Weight capacity: 800 lbs. Cameo Pattern: Realtree Edge; shoulder carry bag included

Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Supreme D-Wedge Self-Supporting Hunting Chair/Seat Cushion, Mossy Oak Infinity, Full

Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Supreme D-Wedge Self-Supporting Hunting Chair/Seat Cushion, Mossy Oak Infinity, Full
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • D-Wedge (double wedge) Series puts our Wedge cushion beneath you and behind you, delivering the BEST ERGONOMIC POSITION TO SIT COMFORTABLY and motionless for long periods
  • DURABLE AND WATERPROOF Silent Touch camo fabric
  • OVER-THE-SHOULDER CARRY STRAP with side-release buckles
  • Breathable mesh for added comfort; MILITARY-GRADE HARDWARE, webbing and rubber coated non-slip base
  • SUPREME FULL DIMENSIONS: Back-18" x 16", Bottom-17" x 18", Wedge Thickness-2-4"

Dickies Men's Industrial Strength Suspenders, khaki, One Size

Dickies Men's Industrial Strength Suspenders, khaki, One Size
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • . STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Everything in these suspenders is made of the heaviest duty construction you can ever find on the market. From the clip-on closure to the sturdy straps and heavy-duty leather patch, you can trust your suspenders for an all-day support
  • . SUSPENDERS STYLE: X-back construction is the sturdiest construction for suspenders. Our Dickies suspenders are enhanced with sewn-in leather patch buttoned clip-on closure to offer you a better holding experience.
  • . SIZING INFO: Suspenders are always a One-Size-Fits-All men’s accessory. They fit all regular size from pant size 32" to size 44". Buy this Dickies suspenders with closed eyes. You are sure to always make the good choice.
  • . DICKIES QUALITY: When you see a Dickies product you know that it is going to last. We make our belt for hard workers, dedicated men who need a belt that they can rely on, all day long. This no-buckle belt is no exception and is your new go-to belt.

Millennium Treestands M300 Tree Seat, for Hunters

Millennium Treestands M300 Tree Seat, for Hunters
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • EXCLUSIVE: The M300 Tree Seat features the exclusive, patented ComfortMax contoured, tight sling seat. A comfortable seat that is off the ground and stands above shallow standing water. Perfect for hunting in flooded swamps or dry land
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The aluminum construction offers a lightweight chair that is easy to transport. It folds up and features carrying straps making this a chair you’ll want to use for all your hunting trips
  • DURABLE: The Aluminum construction features a durable powder coat finish. This chair is built for years of reliable, comfortable service
  • QUIET: Designed to be comfortable and quiet for hunters. Millennium has designed all the products they offer to make as little noise as possible. This fantastic hunting chair is no exception
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity 400-pounds. Weight 4-pounds. Seat size 20-inches wide and 17-inches deep

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Salsa, 8140305

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Salsa, 8140305
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric provides stability and comfort
  • Each adjustable armrest comes with a cup holder and side pocket for maximum storage
  • Includes convenient shoulder carry bag, allowing you to transport and store chair with ease
  • The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is on our best sellers list; you'll know why as soon as you take a seat
  • Dimensions: 38" W x 20" D x 38" H, Weight: 13 lbs. ; Weight Capacity: 800 lbs. , Color: Salsa

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair, Sets Up in Seconds, Easy to Clean and Pack Away, Realtree

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair, Sets Up in Seconds, Easy to Clean and Pack Away, Realtree
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • TAKE IT ON THE GO – Need a high chair on the go? The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair has been designed to be compact and lightweight to fit into your trunk when you’re on the move.
  • FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE – Save on space with this Cosco High Chair. Each chair folds flat and stands up on its own so that you can easily store it away.
  • SETUP TAKES JUST SECONDS – The simple design of the high chair lets you set it up in seconds. After mealtime, folding it down is simple too.
  • SAVE TIME ON CLEANING – The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair has an easy-wipe seat, so cleaning up only takes a few seconds. Simply wipe down the seat with a damp cloth and you’re done.
  • FULL-FEATURED DESIGN – Don’t let the simple design fool you. The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is full-sized and includes an adjustable tray with a built-in cup holder.

Millennium Treestands G200 Shooting Chair

Millennium Treestands G200 Shooting Chair
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • DESIGNED FOR HUNTERS: The G200 Shooting Chair swivels a full 360° and is height adjustable from 18-inches to 23-inches. The feet are independently adjustable up to 2-inches, for leveling on uneven surfaces. The folding seat can also recline.
  • STEEL BASE: The base is constructed of steel for strength and stability. The steel and aluminum construction of this chair is bolstered by a durable powder coat finish, ensuring years of reliable and comfortable use.
  • PACK IT UP: The G200 Shooting Chair is designed for quick and easy pack-up for transportation. Take this comfortable chair to wherever you need it.
  • OPTIONS: Pre-drilled to accept the optional G101 shooting stick mount, which is designed to accept an adjustable shooting stick for an unparalleled shooting platform for long gun or crossbow. Optional footrest and bow holder are also available.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Material-aluminum and steel. Capacity 400-pounds. Weight 17-pounds. Seat size 20-inches wide and 17-inches deep. Seat Height 18-inches to 23-inches.

Millennium Treestands G101 Shooting Stick Mount

Millennium Treestands G101 Shooting Stick Mount
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • SHOOTING CHAIR ACCESSORY: The Millennium Outdoors G101 Shooting Stick Mount attaches to the G100 and G200 Millennium Shooting Chairs. The mount allows an optional shooting stick to be added to your chair.
  • DESIGN PERFECTION: Many have tried to imitate, but none can match the demanding attention to detail that makes millennium a leader in the industry. The G101 Shooting Stick Mount is no exception.
  • VERSATILE: This mount was designed for a shooting stick, but innovative hunters will find a variety of ways this mount can be helpful.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight 2-pounds. Dimensions 14-inches x 3-inches x 2-inches.
  • ABOUT MILLENNIUM TREESTANDS: Millennium Stands have long been recognized as the most comfortable stands on the market. Millennium stands are engineered for that purpose – to be the most comfortable and quietest stands period.

RHINO Blinds R150-RTE 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind, Realtree Edge

RHINO Blinds R150-RTE 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind, Realtree Edge
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • R150 fits 3 people and has a 66" center height, hub to hub 75" x 75", and floor space 58" x 58"
  • Constructed of a True 150 denier polyester - 150 denier thread in both the horizontal and vertical weave
  • RHINO Blinds are easy to set up and take down - with a little practice setting the blind up can be accomplished quickly in as little as 60 seconds once the blind is out of the carry bag
  • Reliable hunting – set up at hunting site 3-4 days ahead of hunt to allow RHINO Blind to blend into the site location and become part of the scenery
  • RHINO Blinds are built tough and designed to withstand the most inclement weather conditions you dare to be caught in; rain, snow, hail, wind. If game is bedded down due to bad weather, you should gladly hunt another day!
  • Reinforced Stress Points - Triple stitched corners and reinforcements to prevent rods popping through the fabric
  • DWR and Antimicrobial Treatment - RHINO Blinds are treated with a durable water repellent to protect and an antimicrobial to help prevent mold and mildew ensuring you a quality product
  • What's Included - Each blind comes with a backpack, stakes, and tie down ropes
  • Use what the pros use - choose RHINO Blinds!

Hunting Tips: Blood Trailing a Whitetail Deer

There are many exciting events in the life of a Whitetail deer hunter. Not only is shooting an animal exciting, but blood trailing can also be a lot of fun.

If you double lung a deer, this means puncturing both lungs(generally a broadside of quartering away shot) you will most likely be able to see your deer go down. I have had to track a few double lung hit whitetails that didn't go down within my site. These are easy trails to fallow. Pinkish colored blood and lots of it. Sometime the blood of a lung hit deer will have little bubbles in it.. If you notice bubbles it's a good indication of a lung hit animal. If you only hit one lung. The deer can still easily be recovered. You need to give every animal that does not go down in your site at least 30 minus after your shot. This gives the animal time to expire before you start tracking.

A heart shot deer is much like a double lung hit. You will generally see the animal go down. Requires very little trailing. The deer is dead on it's feet. Very bright red blood.

Next is trailing a whitetail that has been gut shot. This is a hit that you don't want to make, but the animal can be recovered if you allow plenty of time after the shot. NEVER TRAIL A GUT SHOT DEER WITH OUT LETTING AT LEAST 6 HOURS PASS! A gut shot deer will not bleed very well. Your arrow will be covered in gut material such as corn bits and other things the deer has eaten. The brownish-red covered arrow will smell very badly. The deer will possibly be hunched and walking slowly as it walks away. They usually don't bleed right away at point of impact. They general travel 50 to 80 yards before you will start to find blood of the ground. They will try to find a bed within 200 yards and lay down. If you were to start tracking right away or even after 30 minus wait, you will jump the deer up. Pushing the gut shot animal will greatly lessen your chanced of recovering that animal. The deer will run off quickly spilling little or no blood making it almost impossible to find them back. This is why it's so important to give the deer ample time before starting to trail it up.

A liver shot deer is also easy to recover if handled correctly. The liver hit deer will want to bed down very quickly. Usually with in 100 yards from where the animal was shot. Do not try to get down. The liver shot animal will still very able to run off. It will expire often a lot quicker than a gut shot animal. You need to give a liver shot animal 2-3 hours time before trailing. The blood will be a very dark red color. This shot is in the deer's middle just in front of the intestines.

Next, is a shoulder shot. This is usually because of a poor shot choice. Never shoot at a deer quartering to you to avoid hitting a deer in the shoulder. If you hit a deer in the shoulder blade if will most likely give you very little penetration. Generally 1 to 4 inches of arrow will be all that goes into the shoulder. I have seen 70 pound draw weight bows go in only a couple inches and other times pass through both shoulder blades and stick into the ground. Regardless of what equipment or weight your shooting you should try to avoid hitting the shoulder blade. The heart and lungs are right behind the shoulder blades and if you do penetrate deep enough you should be able to locate your downed animal quickly.

Lastly, is a leg hit animal. This is a very poor shot. You can recover the animal if everything works out perfectly. This is the only time you would want to push the animal and track immediately after the shot. Pushing the deer is your only hope in recovering it. You will tire the animal out and it will require another shot to put the deer down for good.

Even the best archers mess up if they hunt enough. If you give a wounded deer enough time to expire you should be able to recover it. Wait for those good broadside or quartering away shots. Stay calm and pick your spot.....release!

To learn more about Whitetail Deer click here.

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