4 Best Hunting Binoculars Australia

Updated on: December 2023

Best Hunting Binoculars Australia in 2023

Binoculars for Girls Best Gift for Girls age 3-12 High Resolution 8x21 - Kids Binoculars for Bird Watching, Hiking, Hunting, Outdoor Games Spy Camping Girl Scouts Equipment Gear Learning Outside Play,

Binoculars for Girls Best Gift for Girls age 3-12 High Resolution 8x21 - Kids Binoculars for Bird Watching, Hiking, Hunting, Outdoor Games Spy Camping Girl Scouts Equipment Gear Learning Outside Play,
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 Black Binoculars (36200)

Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 Black Binoculars (36200)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Extra-low Dispersion glass for optimum clarity
  • Fully multi-coated optics to produce sharp images
  • Focus knob with 1. 2 turns - close focus from 6. 6ft/2m
  • High resolution phase corrected BAK-4 roof prisms
  • Lightweight rubber coated mid-size top hinge chassis

Gelante 100% Cotton Stone-Washed Safari Booney Sun Hats 1910-Khaki-S/M

Gelante 100% Cotton Stone-Washed Safari Booney Sun Hats 1910-Khaki-S/M
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • 100% cotton / Material Is Soft and Ensure Long Lasting Wear
  • Large Visor Provide Better Shade and Protection From UV Sunlight
  • Adjustable drawstring for fixing the hat, especially in windy days
  • Diameter(inch): Small/Medium 7 inner, 13.5 outer; Large/X-Large 7.5 inner 13.5 outer
  • Versatile style; Side snap up brims offers a different look / brass eyelets add style and provide ventilation

LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat Wide Brim Breathable Hunting Fishing Safari Sun Hat Beige

LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat Wide Brim Breathable Hunting Fishing Safari Sun Hat Beige
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • LETHMIK is tending to the men and women who seeks Sleek style and High quality products at a reasonable price. We take a great pride in the quality of our products and the fact that it can be purchased at a price that makes everybody satisfied. LETHMIK does a great design and quality of our Products in the professional way.
  • LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat Wide Brim Breathable Hunting Fishing Safari Sun Hat; Unisex Snug and Cosy Fit. Hat size available from 7-7 5/8 (22-24 inches), Rear Adjustable Elastic Drawstring design, One size fits most adults. High quality Polyester and stitching process. Item weight 0.2 LB, UPF 50+ excellent sun protection. Please Do Not Machine Wash or Brush Wash.
  • FOLDABLE & CRUSHABLE - High quality materials and craftsmanship, Fold-up brim material can be worn folded up or down in various cute styles while still maintaining its shape,also it can be easily carried inside your bags, You can even put it in your POCKETS (Please see the model picture). PACKABLE and Super convenient to carry and Absolutely save lots of space. Let's go outdoors with LETHMIK.
  • PRACTICAL & BEAUTIFUL - This sun hat is equipped with an adjustable Wind Strap, this adjustable chin drawstring can hold the hat in place on windy days, Snap Brim Available and 2 air vents On both sides; Breathable Mesh Fabric Hat Crown design on Each side of the hat. High Performance Waterproof Material - Ideal for wearing in outdoors. It is a perfect hat for hiking, camping, fishing, tourism, gardening, beach, pool, park, race day events or any outdoor sports and activities.
  • LETHMIK is not the cheapest, but it is the best. You can feel free to contact us, if you would have any questions. LETHMIK - "let's make it" . Scroll down to the Product Description for more detail.

Essential Elk Hunting Gear

Elk hunters don't need a huge amount of gear to be successful. There are a few essential pieces that every elk hunter should have that won't weigh you down or get in the way. Find out how to be safe and successful without a lot of gear.

However, too much hunting gear can ruin a hunt. One of the major causes of unfilled elk tags is the hunter fumbling with heavy backpacks full of gadgets and gear. People nowadays are so taken in by all this must have stuff that, a lot of the time, they're manipulating and digging it out when they should be hunting or even pulling the trigger. Hunters are packing so much stuff, even on day hunts, that they find it difficult to move quickly and stealthily. Large backpacks are constanty hanging up and clanging on tree branches or rocks, and soon the hunter is tired and slow, and ready to head back to camp. It's usually at times like these when, all of a sudden, there's an elk, and the hunter doesn't have the speed to react and misses their chance at filling a tag.

This is not to say that all hunting gear is bad. There is a minimal amount of gear that can help make the hunt a success, as well as aid the hunter in case they get into a jam. With the right gear, a hunter can follow a set of elk tracks all day, or work heavy timber quietly, without wearing out and maybe missing an opportunity at an elk. A backpack hunter may need a few more items, but for day hunters, only a minimal amount of gear is needed. A lot of hunters worry about being lost, or thirsty, or hungry, or cold, or maybe being stuck out for a night. However, it doesn't require a ton of gear to help protect oneself if something unexpected happens. You also don't need a bunch of fancy gadgets to ensure a successful hunt. Elk hunting is usually done in very rugged country, and the less a hunter carries, the better they will hunt.

The Essential Gear

One of the most essential pieces of gear for the elk hunter, other than a good rifle, which is discussed in Choosing An Elk Rifle, is a binocular. It's really amazing what a good binocular can do for your hunting. They make spotting game just so much easier. You can't find them if you can't see them. A binocular's advantage in open country is obvious. It's also very important when hunting in brush and timber. When stillhunting through timber, where ranges are usually really close, a binocular can help the hunter to not miss game, if used properly. No, you don't need a lot of power here, but a binocular's magnification can help sort through trees and brush and permits the hunter to see game that would likely either be missed or spooked. Moving along extremely slowly and glassing through the foliage often can reveal hiding or bedded animals. Seeing the elk first gives the hunter a huge advantage.

Another piece of gear that can be very important is a survival kit of some kind. This is needed if the hunter finds themselves a long way from camp at dark, or where it may not be feasible to hike back at the time. This is also essential if you're lost or very cold. A minimal survival kit can be the difference between comfort and hardship, or, worse, hypothermia or even death. It really doesn't require a lot of gear to create comfort if you need to hunker down for the night. A survial kit should include some kind of shelter such as a mylar space blanket, or even better, one of the newer safety blankets. These blankets can be used as shelter, reflectors for body heat, or as a reflector for a fire. With one of the tougher sportsmans blankets, which come with grommets in the corners, you can erect some sort of tarp shelter. Then use one of the safety blankets to wrap up in. These blankets are very light and easily packed. About 25 feet of nylon cord is important to help erect the shelter. It also has about a thousand other uses. Some sort of firestarter is also essential to a survival kit. This can include waterproof matches, butane lighters, flint and steel, or the newer blast matches, which create sparks to start a fire. Just make sure that you have more than one way to start a fire. A couple of small candles, a signal mirror, and a small first aid kit should also be included. A small, collapsible metal cup, instant soup, and hot cocoa or instant coffee can also be added to the survival kit.

A compass and simple GPS are also good gear for the elk hunter. If you get turned around a compass is priceless for reorienting yourself. While a GPS is easier to use, a compass is more reliable if you take the time to learn how to use it. A compass, combined with a map of the area, is all that is needed to keep from getting lost. They are also extremely helpful in finding areas that should hold a lot of elk. If you see an area on the map that looks good, you can use the compass to navigate to that spot. A GPS is also excellent for this purpose. Also, if you get an elk down, a GPS or compass can be used to find your way back to the elk when packing out.

Some sort of raingear is also extremely important. There are hundreds of companies that sell light, packable raingear. You could spend anywhere from just a few dollars to a couple hundred. Just remember that simple raingear is usually more functional than gear that has a lot of bells and whistles. Raingear with a lot of extras is usually heavier and costlier. Something like a simple rugged poncho can be ideal. Just make sure it is about knee length. A good example of this would be the military nylon poncho. They are very packable and rugged. They can also be used as a tarp or windbreaker, maybe eliminating the need to pack extra jackets or vests. You could also use one of the cheap ponchos found in discount stores, unless you're expecting a lot of drenching rain. If this is the case, then you'll probably want both a rain jacket and pants. Just keep in mind that being very active in rainwear will result in a lot of internal moisture from sweating. If this happens you'll be drenched anyway. For most day hunts, however, you don't really need a fancy piece of rainwear.

A ten foot hunk of rope can come in handy when you need to tie back a leg to keep game positioned on its back while field dressing. This is almost a necessity with elk, just because of the size of the animal. The rope can also be used to drag elk quarters short distances or for hanging items from tree limbs. A knife is also essential if the hunt has succeeded. However, you don't need a large bowie knife for field dressing. A 4 inch fixed or lock blade knife is all that's required for field dressing and even deboning an elk. A small folding saw can also be useful to have along. These can be used in the field dressing process, or can be used for cutting wood if a fire is needed. A small flashlight and simple headlamp are also a necessity. Most hunters will find themselves walking to and from camp in the dark. Doing this without a light can be very hazardous. A flashlight with extra batteries, and a small headlamp that clips on your hat brim will get you around in the dark.

Most people choose a backpack to carry their gear in. A properly fitted pack should ride mostly unnoticed on the hunter's back. One made out of quiet fleece or canvas is essential. There's nothing worse than a branch scratching across noisy nylon when sneaking through the woods. The pack doesn't have to be large. It just needs to be big enough for your essentials, along with a little food and a couple quarts of water. An alternative to a backpack is what is known as a strap vest. These usually consist of 2 bellows pockets in the front, and a game pouch in the rear that can be used to haul gear instead of game. The strap vests, also called skeleton vests, can be purchased at outdoor retailers such as Filson and Cabelas. These vests consist of straps that fit over your shoulders with the various pockets and the game bag attached. They should close with an attached belt, so they can be adjusted to fit over any sort of clothing. They can actually be a very comfortable way to carry gear on day hunts. Some even have water bottle pockets built in.

Use Common Sense

This is really all of the gear that a hunter should need to have a successful elk hunt. With this gear list, you can remain light on your feet, move faster and farther, and stay energized throughout the day. There may be times that you wish you had something that you don't, but if you have the basic essentials, then you have no reason to blame the lack of gear if the hunt is unsuccesful. Learn your hunting area, and learn the ways of your quarry. This should be all that you ever need.

The most important thing a hunter can bring is common sense. It weighs nothing and can keep you out of trouble in the first place. Watching what you're doing, as well as where you're going, as well as respecting your physical limitations, can eliminate the need for a lot of gear that usually will never be used. So it turns out, that the mind is the most essential piece of gear for the elk hunter to take to the woods.

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