3 Best Grouse Hunting Ny

Updated on: October 2023

Best Grouse Hunting Ny in 2023

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The Amateur Sportsman. November 1896
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10 Tips for Better Grouse Hunting

Here are 10 tips to improve your grouse hunting.

First you need to hunt where there are grouse. Areas of the woods that are regrowing after being cleared by logging, oil and gas well drilling, and forest fires are great places to focus. Abandoned farms also provide great habitat.

When hunting likely grouse habitat, look for things that are green. In the brown of winter, those green plants will attract grouse seeking food.

If the weather is quite dry, hunt in areas near water. You don't have to hunt creeks, rivers, or ponds, but look for marshy areas near springs.

While wind and grouse hunting aren't a good mix, if it is windy hunt the sheltered side of brush, ridges, and other places that grouse may be protected from the wind.

Remember to stop often when walking through good cover. As with rabbits, it appears that the grouse think that have been spotted and may flush when a hunter stops. When you stop, be ready to shoot.

As the sun begins to go down, focus your energy on the edges of brush, instead of the middle. Walk along thick brush and poke into the brush at intervals.

Be ready for the grouse to flush to cover. When in likely grouse cover try to picture which way the grouse will flush and be ready to shoot in that direction.

If your grouse hunting area has late producing fruits or other food sources concentrate your hunting there. Look for late season food sources by watching for sign of turkey and deer tearing up the ground and brush while foraging for food.

Hunt with a friend. Two people double the chances of a flush and often the other hunter will get a god shot. Two hunters in small brushy ravines and other thin strips of cover will hunt it more effectively than a lone hunter.

If you don't get a shot or miss, follow the grouse. They rarely fly far away from where they were flushed. They will be more aware of the hunters however after the flush and probably will flush more quickly.

Give grouse hunting a try!

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