10 Best Bowhunting Gloves

Updated on: November 2023

Best Bowhunting Gloves in 2023

Sitka Men's Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Elevated II Camo Hunting Gloves, X-Large

Sitka Men's Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Elevated II Camo Hunting Gloves, X-Large
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves (Realtree APG HD)

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves (Realtree APG HD)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Style Gloves
  • Color Realtree APG HD
  • Size 1 Size Fits Most
  • Extended Cuff
  • call pocket on the back of the hand
  • Extended Cuff

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves with Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff, Mossy Oak New Break-Up

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves with Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff, Mossy Oak New Break-Up
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Style Sure Grip Palm
  • Color Mossy Oak New Break-Up
  • Size One Size Fits Most
  • Sure-grip -Inchdots-Inch help with grip
  • call pocket on the back of the hand
  • Extended Cuff

DecoyPro Touchscreen Lightweight Hunting Gloves for Men Camo – Textured Grip Palm Camo Gloves for Men Hunting – Soft Lining Mens Hunting Gloves – One Size Fits Most L to XL Camo Gloves Hunting

DecoyPro Touchscreen Lightweight Hunting Gloves for Men Camo – Textured Grip Palm Camo Gloves for Men Hunting – Soft Lining Mens Hunting Gloves – One Size Fits Most L to XL Camo Gloves Hunting
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • HUNTING GLOVES / CAMO GLOVES FOR JUST $14.97 AND FREE SHIPPING! Some camo gloves for hunting cost $40 or more per pair. These hunting gloves for men camo are perfect to use as bow hunting gloves, turkey hunting gloves, deer hunting gloves and duck hunting gloves.
  • TOUCHSCREEN FINGER TIPS – These camo gloves hunting are specially designed for touch screen use with the index finger and thumb. These make prefect hunting gloves for men because you can use your smart phone without having to take your hands out of your gloves.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST (MENS L to XL) SIZE - Designed to fit well on most men’s large to extra-large hands for a natural and comfortable feel.
  • TEXTURED GRIP PALMS & FINGERS – These camo hunting gloves have a specially designed grip surface on the fingers and palms to give you a tight grip on your bow, rifle or shotgun.
  • SOFT LINING MENS CAMO GLOVES - Designed with comfort in mind, the inside of these camouflage gloves are soft to keep you comfortable during your hunting trips.

Under Armour Men's Hunt Early Season Fleece Glove, UA Forest Camo (940)/Black, Medium

Under Armour Men's Hunt Early Season Fleece Glove, UA Forest Camo (940)/Black, Medium
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Armour Fleece construction is built for performance—it's lightweight, quick drying & still really warm
  • UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability
  • Convertible trigger finger & thumb for better feel & control
  • Tech Touch print on thumbs & fingers allow you to use touch screen devices without taking your gloves off
  • Extra soft Speedwipe fleece placed on back of index finger & thumb

Carhartt Men's Magnet, Xtra, Large

Carhartt Men's Magnet, Xtra, Large
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Polyurethane reinforced palm, fingertip and thumb, magnetic index finger and thumb
  • Gauntlet cuff with barrel lock closure, elastic wrist
  • Fabric type: shell: 100 percent polyester palm: 100 percent polyurethane; lining: 100 percent polyester

Knight & Hale Turkey Hunting Gloves

Knight & Hale Turkey Hunting Gloves
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • Textured-grip palms
  • Features a partially fingerless design
  • Camo-print gloves
  • One size fits all

ScentLok Full Season Bow Release Glove Realtree Edge X-Large

ScentLok Full Season Bow Release Glove Realtree Edge X-Large
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • Carbon Alloy technology for maximum odor adsorption
  • Wicking treatment to wick sweat

Eamber Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger/Fingerless Gloves Pro Anti-Slip Camo Realtree Glove Archery Accessories Hunting Outdoors (M) (L) (L)

Eamber Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger/Fingerless Gloves Pro Anti-Slip Camo Realtree Glove Archery Accessories Hunting Outdoors (M) (L) (L)
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • 【Comfortable and Breathable】 - Made of soft polyester and thin fleece cloth, to ensure both warmth and flexible hand movement. Wears very soft and comforable.
  • 【Fingerless Design】- Fingerless design for thumb and index finger, it will be more flexible and available for any hand movements without taking off.
  • 【Palm Anti-slip Design】 - The palm and finger parts are covered by mesh anti-slip silicone, which will makes the grip firmer and easier.
  • 【Two Size to Choose】 - Extend your hand flat. With a ruler, measure the hand just below the fingers, but above the thumb. You can also refer to the picture.Hand size: M: 3.54''/9cm;L:3.94''/10cm. M size is uaually for man hands,L size is usually for large man hands.
  • 【Various Uses】 - It can be used in a variety of equipments ,such for Hunting, Shooting, Wildfowling, Stalking, Paintball, Airsoft, Surveillance, Wildlife Photography, Birdwatching, Film Sets, Nightclubs, Kids Play Dens, Tree Houses,etc

Kryptek Krypton Camo Hunting Gloves, Highlander, XL

Kryptek Krypton Camo Hunting Gloves, Highlander, XL
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • 94% polyester / 6% spandex duraface
  • Grid fleece and French Terry hybrid shell
  • Touchscreen compatible thumb and forefingers
  • Works fine for early fall hunting
  • Lightweight and breathable

The L Word - Lunar Cycle

The production of Lez Girls take an interesting turn. Tasha and Alice go house hunting and hit a small road block. Bette and Jodi talk about the change in their relationship. Kit has had enough of Dawn and her lover Cindi.

A new week has started and the ladies are having a round table discussion about the events surrounding the Pink Ride - most notably the campfire situation with Jodi and Bette. Max lets everyone know that Jodi's been in touch with Tom, she's staying with a friend. Tasha says it's good that Jodi has friends but Shane fires back saying they're her friends too; she quickly apologizes for snapping and Tasha's cool. Bette asks which friend is Jodi staying with, Max says it might be Amy but isn't sure - if you remember Amy is Jodi's ex; thus hitting Bette in the gut on that one. Alice asks if she's tried to contact Jodi; she hasn't returned any of Bette's calls. She and Kit have a few words regarding Jodi not calling back and Jenny asks them to stop because she doesn't like to see sisters fight. Alice tells her it's not a scene from her movie; Jenny doesn't have to direct. Tasha tells her to stay out of it, Alice says Tasha's PMSing. Tasha says Alice is PMSing, flying off the handle at everything earlier that day.

As the ladies continue with their conversation, Dawn and her lover Cindi interrupt and Dawn's acting more cocky than usual. Everyone's not feeling Denbo and her snide remarks about their PMS moment; Kit wants to know what she wants and if their deal is still intact. Not only is it intact, they met an old friend from Kit's past. Turns out Dawn managed to find Ivan Aycock - Kit dated Ivan in seasons 1 and 2; that was until Kit unintentionally found Ivan's things out in the open. Dawn says that Ivan was more than happy to unload her 51% share of The Planet; practically gleeful to sell it to Dawn. No one believes her and wants her to leave; Dawn laughs it off. She informs them that they can't tell her to leave because she and her lover Cindi now own The Planet. This of course infuriates Kit and she throws the table in their direction (much like Tina did to Bette in the season 2 opener) and storms off to her office; Dawn continues to try and taunt her but Kit keeps walking. Dawn is truly enjoying her moment; she lets them know that she and Cindi will be back with a decorator.

Jodi arrives just as Dawn and Cindi are leaving. She sees the mess inside and says it looks like somebody got there before her. Tina goes to Jodi apologizing but she ignores Tina asking Bette why she's talking to her; doesn't Tina know Jodi's deaf. Jodi's there to talk to Bette about what happened to make the relationship go sour. Going to Bette's car, she asks Jodi where does she want to go and talk, Jodi says it's up to her. Jodi doesn't have her car, she was dropped off. Bette tells her she has to reschedule some meetings, Jodi tells her to do what she has to do. All Jodi wants to do right now is talk to Bette; obviously still steamed about the campfire incident. Bette calls James at the office to have him reschedule a morning meeting with Phyllis so she can take care of a personal matter. After the phone call Jodi says if Bette needs to go to work - Bette says she doesn't need to go to work. Jodi knows how Bette is about her job and she doesn't want to be a problem for her. Bette feels that she and Jodi are the most important thing to her right now.

The girls are still inside and Max tries to pay her portion of breakfast but Shane says she'll take care of it. They still cannot believe what Dawn just did and Jodi coming back; it's all crazy. Max asks Tina are she and Bette going to move back in together. Tina says they're not planning anything and Bette needs to talk to Jodi first. Shane gives Tina much respect for showing some restraint in holding back; Tina feels it's about time. Just then she gets a message from work saying Jenny missed a meeting with the Art Department and Adele went in her place. Max feels Adele should have told Jenny about the meeting and Shane agrees; Tina's sure Adele tried. Tina's got to get to work and she gives Shane money for her part of breakfast. Shane tries to decline but Tina rushes out; Shane puts the money in her pocket and she and Max laugh about it.

At Bette's place she and Jodi begin to talk about how Bette could cheat on her with Tina. Bette apologizes saying she never meant for this to happen. Outraged, Jodi wants to know what happened; she doesn't know what's happening. Everybody knows what's going on except her, Jodi feels like she's in the dark. She asks Bette if they're sleeping together and how long has it been going on. Bette says it's not about sleeping together; she doesn't know how it happened. She thinks she and Tina never really finished and they have Angelica; Jodi knows they have Angelica. Bette says it's not just about Angie; they have so much history and never realized how strong their connection is. And there's so much that hasn't been resolved between them. Jodi asks if sleeping with her resolved it; Bette reminds her but Jodi cuts Bette off saying she knows it's not about that. Jodi asks Bette if she loves Tina; Bette says it's complicated. She knows it's complicated and asks Bette again; yes she loves Tina. Jodi then asks if Bette loves her and yes Bette loves Jodi too. Jodi asks Bette if it's possible to be in love with more than one person; if she could love two people at once. Jodi doesn't think it's possible. She knows she loves Bette to exclusion of everyone else. Jodi says she's going to fight for Bette.

Alice and Tasha are looking at prospective places to move into. Alice likes the house even though it doesn't have as much character as her building does. After seeing the asking price Tasha says it's too expensive but Alice doesn't think so. Alice says they'll be splitting the rent; as if that makes Tasha feel better. Alice says they don't have to split the rent down the middle, Tasha says they do. If Alice becomes permanent on The Look, she'll be making a nice amount of money. Tasha wants to keep looking; Alice hopes she bleeds soon because Tasha's attitude is a tad sharp.

Through tears, Jodi tells Bette she never wanted to love somebody this much. Bette moves over to Jodi's side attempting to comfort her; Jodi tells Bette she was fine before they met. Jodi apologizes for crying, She wasn't going to do that in front of Bette. Jodi then begins to try to make love to Bette.

Tina's in her office texting Bette, she wants to know what's happening with Jodi. Sam stops by asking how things went with the Pink Ride, Tina says it was hard. They discuss the movie and give Jenny praises on her work with the film. Aaron comes by asking Tina to come into the conference room. She excuses herself and heads out.

In the conference room Aaron, Jenny, Adele, Tina, and Niki's managers are all at the table. Aaron asks what is this all about and Niki's managers look in Adele's direction. Adele takes center stage as she pops a DVD in revealing Jenny and Niki's sexual romp from the Pink Ride. Everyone is in total shock, especially Jenny. After another minute Tina asks Adele to shut it off. Jenny wants to know who could have done this; Adele reminds Jenny it was she and Niki that made the tape. Jenny says it was a private tape. Niki's manager wants to know who else has seen this abomination; Jenny shoots back saying it's not an abomination. Adele says no one else has seen it - yet.

Kevin quickly takes the video out of the player thinking all is well but Adele is one step ahead; she has made 25 copies. Each is logged, addressed and ready to go out to every talk show and major media outlet. She hasn't sent them out yet and she would like to never have to send them. Tina asks what does Adele wants in return. Adele says it's not about what she wants; it's about the film. How important, powerful and significant it is. Lez Girls has the opportunity to change hearts and minds; affect the lives of millions. In order for that to happen, it can't be destroyed by an inexcusable reckless act by Jenny and Niki. Jenny is beyond devastated and says she's going to call William and let him know what a disgusting person Adele is. Adele has shown William the tape and spoke to him in great length about the situation and agrees with her that things have gone completely out of hand. Tina again asks Adele what she wants; she gives Tina a conniving smile.

Jodi tries to make love to Bette very aggressively. Bette's phone is ringing but Jodi slams the phone to make it stop ringing. Jodi continues her fight for Bette kissing and being a bit rough physically. Bette stops Jodi saying she can't do this; she doesn't want to do this with Jodi. Jodi angrily gets up and heads for the door. Bette follows asking where she going; Jodi says she's going to kill herself. Bette tries to keep her from leaving saying she can't let Jodi go. Jodi asks to make up her mind; she thought Bette wanted to get rid of her. Bette says she can't let Jodi go when she's threatening to hurt herself. Jodi's not going to kill herself over Bette and tells Bette to get over herself. Bette tells Jodi she cares for her deeply but she's not going to walk away with Jodi hating her. She's going to fight for this relationship; Bette tells Jodi she has to go to school, she has two meetings - Jodi cuts her off. Jodi tells Bette to stop managing her, she's not Phyllis or one of Bette's students. She knows what Bette's doing and it's not going to work. Jodi asks Bette to have some respect for her; Bette has total respect for her and wants to know what Jodi wants to do. Jodi will go to school with her and they'll talk after Bette's finished with her meeting. They'll be in a public place; Jodi doesn't want to humiliate herself. Bette agrees and they get ready to leave.

Jenny rushes to the set to get Niki telling her they need to leave. Jenny fills her in on what happened. That someone - she didn't say it was Adele - got a hold of the tape they made and is trying to extort and blackmail the production company. Naturally concerned for her career, Niki asks Kevin if he knows about what's going on. Kevin tries to get Jenny away from Niki. Jenny tells Niki that Kevin doesn't care about her but about his paycheck. At that moment, Jenny announces to the cast and crew that the managers and Adele are treacherous, soulless and wants to ruin Lez Girls. Kevin tries to get security to remove Jenny from the set. Jenny asks if anyone has any integrity to come with her and stand up to those people. Everyone is in shock as Jenny painfully asks who's with her in her stand; no one says anything - no one but Shane. Jenny's grateful and asks Niki if she'll come with her as security comes in. Tina intervenes asking them to hold off and let her talk to Jenny.

Tina goes to Jenny telling her she's on Jenny's side; asking her to let Tina walk her off the set. Jenny makes a final attempt begging Niki to come with her. Kevin reminds Niki she's under contract with the studio. Niki stands frozen as Tina walks Jenny off with Shane following. Aaron calls for everyone to get back to work. A crew member asks how's it possible to work without a director. Aaron let's everyone know the director has arrived as Adele, the new vixen director who blackmailed her way to the top, walks in and plants her vindictive ass in the director's chair; handing Jenny's glasses over to an assistant feeling like a powerhouse; her transformation is complete.

Still looking for a new place, Tasha and Alice argue over the money factor. Tasha feels the relationship will be out of balance if Alice pays most of the rent; Alice will feel out of balance if Tasha makes her live in a hole in the wall. Tasha says the place looks nicer than any place she's lived in. Alice says they can discuss the matter over dinner later on after the taping of The Look. Tasha's going to Long Beach and isn't sure if she'll be back in time. Alice is upset that Tasha won't make it to the taping; Tasha didn't know Alice wanted her there but if it's that important, she'll change her plans. Of course Alice would want her to be there, Tasha's her girlfriend. Tasha explains that a bunch of her friends are going to be there and she was looking forward to it. Alice shrugs it off and says she'll TiVo the show for Tasha; they thank to landlord for viewing the place and leave.

Tina runs after Jenny who is power walking her way off set; trying to get into her trailer to no avail. Tina is as stunned as Jenny; especially when Tina defended Adele earlier at The Planet. Jenny just wants to get out of there. Tina's trying to calm her down and wants Jenny to listen. Tina tells her to not do anything stupid; do not retaliate or get in the way of production. She continues, telling Jenny to talk to her agents; let them help her. Tina says if she wants to, Jenny can call Niki later. Jenny says Niki is dead to her. Tina apologizes for Jenny's pain over Niki and says she understands; Jenny doesn't see how. Maybe Tina doesn't understand but she's asking Jenny to give her some time to figure out how to fix the situation. There is no way Tina's going to let that bitch walk away with their movie. As if a shield of animosity crashed around her, Jenny agrees with full confidence that it is their movie. Tina gives her encouragement and they say "it's our movie", Jenny and Tina hug and re-establish their friendship, Tina says it'll be ok.

Production picks up with Adele directing Niki and Begonia's love scene as Jesse and Karina. Niki can't complete the scene, still bothered by what just happened. Adele stays cool and they keep rolling. She gives the actresses step by step direction of the love scene, it goes quite well. Adele wants to do the scene again but change it a little; the crew resets the scene. Tina tries to get a hold of Bette but gets her voicemail; she tells Bette she really needs to talk to her. Bette wouldn't believe what is going on with the production.

Alice is back as guest co-host of The Look with the annoying Mary Lam and Sandra Houson. They are meeting fashion designer Clea Mason, she's the winner of the Best New Designer Award at 2020's Gen Art Fashion Show. Alice announces Clea's line of super hot androgynous men's swimwear line. Mary thinks it's Alice's style and Alice makes it clear she's very much a femme. A girly-girl lesbian - girlish dresses and girlish pumps. She then returns to the subject at hand to Clea's designs introducing the boyish babes in their boyish babes in their hot butch fall fashions; Mary asks Alice to spare them. Alice goes on to toy with Mary's alleged curiosity. Mary tells her that not everyone is gay to which Alice says "well thank God for that." The crowd responds positively and Alice is feeling great.

After a bit of contemplation and completely fed up with Dawn, Kit takes her gun out of the safe and loads it. She heads out the back way to her car on her way to handle a personal matter.

The fashion show is a success with the audience and the ladies. Alice introduces Clea, who by the way is a sexy lesbian designer. She's shy during the interview until Alice chimes in and they seem to connect; Sandra picks up on it but doesn't say anything; they break for commercial.

Shane's in Tina's office asking why Jenny got fired. Tina can't say at the moment, she can only tell Shane it's really bad. Their both worried about Jenny; Tina suggests Shane go be with her while Tina figures things out. Shane feels bad about leaving Tina hanging but Tina says she'll be fine with the chaos; she's worried for Niki. Shane could care less about Niki right now after what she did by not walking out with Jenny. Tina explains that Niki didn't have a choice in the matter, otherwise if she left it would be a breach of contract; Niki did the right thing.

Kit's in her car in front of SheBar with gun in tow. She calls Bette as if she's having second thoughts about what she's going to do. Of course Bette's unavailable because of what's going on with Jodi; Kit leaves a message saying she need Bette's help and drives away.

James touch basis with Bette about some of her appointments and events with one being with W magazine. It seems that since their featuring Ellen was a huge success they want to interview her and Jodi as an art power couple; Jodi wants to but Bette declines.

Back at the taping they sign off and Sandra reminds the audience at home as well as on set to vote in if they want Alice to be a permanent fixture on The Look. After everyone breaks away, Alice and Clea have some flirty small talk and Clea invites Alice to fashion week; she eagerly accepts; Clea notices someone and tells Alice she has a fan. Turning around to see who it is Alice is surprised and happy to see Tasha. She tries to get Tasha to meet Clea but Tasha's cool she'll wait for Alice to finish. Before going over to Tasha, Alice tells Clea she'll definitely be at the show. Tasha tells Alice she didn't meet up with her friends; she got there late but she can see the audience loves Alice. Tasha tells Alice she was great; Alice is glad Tasha made the effort.

Jodi wants to know why Bette doesn't want to so the piece for W magazine. Bette tells her it's focused on couples and they are no longer a couple. Jodi reminds Bette that she said she would fight for their relationship; Bette meant their friendship. Jodi feels seeing a therapist could help their relationship; Bette doesn't think that's the answer. Bette doesn't want to see a therapist; she's had enough therapy. Jodi says Bette owes her that much. Bette really wanted the relationship to work; she loves who Jodi is. She loves how Jodi stands in the world; she loves her talent. Bette loves Jodi's passion and anger; they're just fundamentally different. Bette feels they have different core values. Jodi asks what are her values, Bette says it doesn't matter; it's not judgment. What matters is that there's been something missing for her; something that is hard to define. Bette's been desperately trying to create and look for it but she's been failing. She's come to the realization that they are never going to find it. Jodi asks how does Bette know they'll never find it; Bette has it with someone else. James interrupts to tell Bette that Melissa, their babysitter called, she has food poisoning and is unable to pick Angie for her playgroup. Bette calls Tina at work, who's having her own problems with some of the actresses who voice they didn't sign on to do and Adele Channing movie. Tina explains that changes like this happen a lot in the film business; they have to roll with it. Answering her cell, Tina lets Bette know she can't talk because she's in a meeting; Bette tells her about Melissa and that she can't pick Angie up for playgroup; asking Tina if she can get Angie. It's chaotic at Shaolin and Tina can't pick her up either. Tina asks Bette where she is; she's still at school with Jodi and they'll talk about it later.

Kit enters SheBar through the back door being extremely careful not to be seen or heard. Dawn, Cindi and other staff members are getting the club ready for the night. Kit has her gun ready and set on Dawn; that is until her phone rings. It's Bette calling asking Kit if she can pick Angie up for her playgroup. While on the phone, Kit sees Cindi noticing her there, almost giving Kit a head start on getting out of there by checking behind her to see where Dawn is; Kit says she'll pick Angie up. Seeing this as a sign, Kit puts her gun away and quietly walks out. Cindi's watching Kit leave and goes to Dawn as if nothing happened. Meanwhile on campus, Bette asks Jodi if she needs a ride. Jodi wants to go to Bette's place; she explains she wants to get her things from the house.

Shane and Jenny are home enjoying their custom made bong, smoking the day's events away. Jenny vows to never make herself open and easily available, teach them the ropes and teach them everything she knows. Shane tells her not to let Adele do that to her; jenny's talking about Niki. Shane says forget about Niki; she's a worthless dimwitted actress who should be on the cover of Maxim. Jenny tells Shane she's not in love with Niki anymore; Niki's dead to her. She beings to talk about Adele, on how she acted all innocent and said how great of a writer Jenny is. All the while Adele had an agenda to become her boss. Shane calls Adele a snake in the grass; a serpent if you will. Shane tells Jenny she admires her, she calls Jenny a survivor and makes reference to a few things she's helped Jenny go through. Despite her down points, Jenny has bounced back to become a successful writer who's book has become a featured film. Shane gives Jenny props for going after her dreams; not giving up. Jenny gives a compliment to Shane telling her that she didn't have to leave with her from the movie set. Shane explains that Jenny was the one who Shane her job; their best friends so of course Shane would leave with Jenny. Although she's high, Jenny is very touch by what Shane said.

At Bette's place, Jodi has collected her things and Bette asks if she needs a ride home; Tom's picking her up. Bette talks about wanting Jodi to read a speech she's giving at Jodi's art show. Jodi shows Bette a gift box saying it's for her birthday; Jodi places it on the table and leaves. After Jodi walks out, Bette opens the gift to see a TAG Heuer watch. Touched by the gesture, Bette softly calls out Jodi's name.

Max comes home to a very stones Jenny and Shane; they praise him and Jenny calls Max the Oracle. Jenny tells Max that Adele screwed her over; they invite Max to sit with them. Max offers his sympathy and asks what happened to which Jenny offers him some cannabis; he accepts. Shane and Jenny agree they should have listened to Max when it came to Adele.

Kit and her staff are preparing for the evening crowd at The Planet. Kit tells Angelica is sitting in Kit's office while she makes an organic snack that she's sure Bette would approve of. As she proceeds to her office, Kit tries to comment on the snack she made but is cut off at the sight of Angelica holding her loaded gun. Kit talks to Angie softly while taking the gun away with ease. Kit instantly breaks down as she's carrying Angie on her way to the dumpster to throw the gun away. After they come back in, Kit brings Angelica up front and sees Tina coming in with Bette following a few seconds after. They speak and all three express the crazy day they've had. Bette swears that Dawn and her lover Cindi are not going to get their hands on The Planet. Kit says that's not important; Angie and her two moms are more important. Bette asks Angie if she's ready to go home; baby girl is ready. She then asks Tina if she's like to come home with them; she happily accepts. Kit doesn't tell them what happened; instead she takes a breath as she watches the newly reunited family go home.

Next time on the L word

- Jodi's art show gets personal

- Bette and Tina have a heart to heart

- Shane compromises her relationship with Molly

- An old friend returns to the fold

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